Dedicated to a responsible scientific inquiry into the realm of psychedelics

Our freedoms are threatened by western culture, whom in their zealous desire to control drug use (fueled by the so called "drug war") are passing legislation that bans the use of plants. To have our conscious perceptions governed and controlled, is a gross abuse of power, by a corrupt force. Through pressure and manipulation by the United States, most countries have unilaterally criminalized any use of various plants and the compounds within them. These legislative bans have been made without analysis or consideration of the people involved or the religious significance of the use of these plants in spiritual ceremonies.  Besides their spiritual relevance to various indigenous people, psychedelic compounds hold great scientific potential. They may vary well hold the key to an elucidation of human consciousness and it's physiolgical orgin within the brain.

Our purpose

      The following web page will seek to explore the history and spiritual significance of psychedelic plants and compounds as well as discuss the physiological effects associated with the brain. Overall my goal is to create a rapport with others interesed in psychedelic science, philosophy and the ethical implications of consciousness control.

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